Wednesday, April 29, 2015

G500S label


simon bryant said...

Can you tell me about this as it is. My guitar and I can't find any info on it thanks simon

tomas said...

Hi Simon:
Thanks again for the privilege...One of the greatest guitar pic series ever on the blog! All I can tell you is...probably 1970...Solid spruce top; looks like Brazilian Rosewood for the back/sides...may be solid? (Whoo, whoo) Can't tell if the skunk stripe (inlaid wood in the neck...there for rigidity) is ebony, walnut, or rosewood.
Don't sell it without telling me, please!..:)
I think it went for 50,000 yen when new (the '500' in the model number)
Sorry I can't be of more help. I have never seen another here on ebay over the years I have been looking. Rare guitar! How does it sound? Any video clips??
Thanks for writing again!

oliverosjesuit said...

The inside label of my kiso looks exactly like this. The model number is one big mystery to me BW300P. Looks like a GUILD dread clone to me.